Pageant History

The Miss Cape May County Area Pageant began in 1960 in Lower Township. It was sponsored by Jim Wheaton and the Cape May Regional Jaycees with the first pageant being held in Congress Hall in Cape May. By 1962, the pageant was moved to the Wildwood Golf Club and sponsored by Jim Wheaton and the Cape May Regional Junior Chamber of Commerce.

The pageant moved to the Ocean City Music Pier in 1970 and was sponsored by the Ocean City Jaycees until 1973.

In 1973, The Cape May County Scholarship Foundation took over sponsorship with Lou DellaBarca, Art Ford, Dick Myers, Ken Strang and Tom Williams being the principles of that foundation. Their first pageant in 1973 included Terry Meeuwsen Miss America, as a guest performer. Executive Directors included: Dick Myers 1970-71, Lou DellaBarca 1972-79, Tom Willliams 1980-95.

MaryBeth Snow took over the pageant in 1996 and was executive director until Marie Little Turnbull began her tenure in 1999. Betty Pruitt has served in that capacity since 2003.

In 2009, in order to continue holding the pageant with the minimum number of required contestants, the Board of Directors voted to regionalize and thereby attract a larger contestant base. The pageant was regionalized from 2009-2012 and again in 2017.

From 2013-2017, the Miss Cape Resort Pageant was added as an open "sister" pageant to Miss Cape May County.  May the Cape Scholarship Foundation, the Miss New Jersey Pageant, and the Miss America Pageant continue to prosper.

Miss Cape May County/Area

2019 Amy Phillips,

2018 Michelle Wanner, Sea Isle City

2017 **Madison Kennelly, Woodbine

2016 Devon Vanderslice, Ocean City

2015 Dana Piccoli, Beesley's Point

2014 Sarah Ford, Seaville

2013 Lauren Fogarty, Marmora

2012 **Jennifer Taylor, Millville

2011 **Anna Negron, Vineland

2010 **Brandi Sanguinetti. North Wildwood

2009 **Danielle Greene, Ocean City

2008 Brandi Sanguinetti, North Wildwood

2007 Kristi Lee Pawlus, Cape May Court House

2006 Katelyn Hope, Marmora

2005 Lacey Johnson, Avalon

2004 Kristi Lee Pawlus, Cape May Court House

2003 Lacey Johnson, Avalon

2002 Marta Angelastro, Wildwood

2001 Katie Ulmer, Ocean City

2000 Jamie Ginn, Seaville

1999 Robin Williams, Cape May Court House

1998 Deborah Pruitt, Marmora

1997 Christine Falck, Erma

1996 Deborah Pruitt, Marmora

1995 Georgiana Beddow, Cape May Court House

1994 Barbara Kimsey, Cape May

1993 Deborah Jenkins, Ocean City

1992 Gwen Goldberg, Ocean City

1991 Michelle Harris, Marmora

1990 Jennifer Loper, North Cape May

1989 Amy Fissel, Beesley’s Point

1988 Tricia Bowman, Ocean City

1987 Sheila Handley, Tuckahoe

1986 Sheila Yates, Ocean City

1985 Cathy Adams, Ocean City

1984 Bettie-Ann Likens, Ocean City

1983 Darlene Deeley, North Cape May

1982 Sheila Handley, Tuckahoe

1981 Mary Beth Mangold, Strathmere

1980 Mary Matthews, Erma

1979 Debbie Dickinson, Cold Spring

1978 Gay Willis, Cape May

1977 Laurie Berchtold, Ocean City

1976 Stina Blomkvest, Cape May

1975 *Susan McCandless, Ocean City

1973 Suzanne Plummer, Wildwood

1972 Melodee Ashby, North Wildwood

1971 Nancy McConnell, Cape May Court House

1970 Joel McLaughlin, Ocean City

1969 Sharon Laughlin, Rio Grande

1968 Beverly Presti, Tuckahoe

1967 Susan Cornwell, Ocean City

1966 Cathy Read, Wildwood

1965 Kay Whildin, Rio Grande

1964 Patricia Leahy, Avalon

1963 Angela Dalrymple, Sea Isle City

1962 Carol Chattin, Ocean City

1961 Patricia Kravitiz, Ocean City

1960 Sandra Hand, Wildwood Crest

*Pageant began post-dating title

**Pageant regionalized
Miss Cape Resort

2019 Madeline Kendall,

2017 Marissa Sanders, Pitman

2016 Devan Fogarty, Marmora

2015 Sandra Lee Hilla, Williamstown

2014 Ashlyn Laveson, Ventnor

2013 Olivia Suarez, Mullica Hill