Titleholder Corner

My year as Miss Cape Resort has been nothing short of amazing.  From the night I was crowned I could tell I was lucky, but I didn’t know just how lucky I was.  Little did I know that having Debbie as my director as well as having the supportive members of the Cape Scholarship Board would impact my journey greatly.  They have helped me as Miss Cape Resort, getting to the Miss New Jersey stage, and in my life overall.

This year has consisted of so many fun-filled appearances.  Parades have definitely been a highlight of my year.  From the very first one I appeared in as Miss Cape Resort, the Cape May Halloween Parade to the Miss NJ “TV Show” parade, I have loved every second.  Seeing people within the Cape May area and being able to share in the sheer joy of dressing up in a fun costume is one of my favorite things.  In fact, for the Ocean City Doo-dah Parade, you may have seen me sporting a green tinsel wig as an oompa loompa from Willy Wonka!

This year has also allowed me to connect with people and share my platform with them.  My platform is called R.E.A.D., which stands for Research, Educate, Analyze, and Dedicate.  It is all about promoting literacy.  As Miss Cape Resort, I had several school visits set up for me in which I was able to discuss important and relatable themes seen in books with hundreds of students.  I love reading, but seeing the excitement and passion for reading in the eyes of so many students in each of the classrooms I visited was what I loved even more.  We read books like “The Sneetches” by Dr. Seuss and “Corduroy,” and we discussed what it means to be treated fairly and how to be a good friend.  Reading these books is a fantastic way to instill good character into children, and seeing that they could grasp and understand these concepts and morals after we talked about them was incredible.  

Finally, music has always been a big part of my life because I have been playing the violin ever since I was in the first grade.  As Miss Cape Resort, I brought my love of music into classrooms as well.  One of my favorite memories from this year is when I visited HollyDell School, which is a school for students with special needs.  The Holidays are always a good time to gather around and sing popular tunes together.  That’s what we did at HollyDell School.  The students did what they could to join in on the music, whether that was simply lifting their head up, showing a smile, tapping a finger to the beat, or humming along.  The best part of this was just seeing how much of a change music can bring to someone’s day.  Students became more alert and I could see something in them light up.  Reactions like that are what matter most, and knowing that I could bring that sort of joy to them, meant the world to me.

If you’re thinking about competing in the Cape Scholarship Pageant, be ready to work, learn, grow and most importantly have fun!  Preparing for the Miss NJ pageant is a challenge, but with Debbie and Betty and the whole board by your side, you will feel encouraged beyond words.  They have all helped me to become the best possible version of myself and I cannot thank them enough for all their love, their honesty, and their support.