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Miss Cape May County 2019

During my Miss Cape May County interview, I had the opportunity to give the judges one final statement as to why I deserved the title:

“I recognize that this is a job, and it is not one I intend on taking lightly. I want to serve my community, kickstart careers through my personal platform, and be the best version of a role model I can be. As Miss Cape May County’s Outstanding Teen 2011, I went to nearly 100 events during my year of service. Now at age 21, imagine all that I can accomplish with that experience and the big plans I have if I were crowned Miss Cape May County.”

The judges had confidence in my conviction. I was not only awarded the interview award, but the title of Miss Cape May County. I was honored to be the recipient of the swimsuit award and the American Patriot Award for my views regarding the changes occurring throughout the Miss America Organization.

I have a very large list of possible appearances, platform goals, and preparation ideas for Miss New Jersey in June. I do not want a single day to go by when I am not giving 110% to this title and organization. I realize that there were other deserving contestants competing for this job, and I want to ensure I am representing them to the best of my ability and making them proud.

Being a member of the Miss America Organization for the past seven years has allowed me to use the four points of the crown (service, style, scholarship, and success) to become a better version of myself. I use my crown as a megaphone to promote my platform, the national platform of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and to be the best role model I can be for people of all generations throughout Cape May County and beyond.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to get students excited and prepared for their future careers using my platform: Career Kickstart. It is my ultimate goal to speak to every school district in Cape May County. There is no mandatory career readiness curriculum under the New Jersey Department of Education, even though career preparation is something almost every American student will need at some point in their lives. As Miss Cape May County, I am making it my goal to supplement that missing material and ensure students have a dependable resource in me to assist with questions regarding their careers.

Goal setting is extremely important, whether it be in your career, health, talents, or education. I am using this first entry to encourage you to set goals for yourself in multiple aspects of your life, just as I am for my year of service. The feeling you get when you accomplish small goals for yourself is indescribable, and will lead to the bigger picture of success in your long-term goals.

“Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.” ~Paul Brandt

With love,
Amy Phillips
Miss Cape May County 2019

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